Jakes Club | Abuja

📍 1161, Memorial Drive, By Musa Yar’adua Center, Wuse, Abuja.

Spent the evening at Jake’s with some of my faves! Wanted to spend quality time with them so I turned off my ‘review mode’.


So incase you thought you’d come find menus, prices and ambience photos, I’m really sorry to disappoint. I just have food shots, two ambience photos on our way out and a video.

Jake’s is truly a beautiful place and I enjoyed every moment of it.

We chose to stay outside by the bar because the weather was amazing. It had just finished raining, so the air was cool and crisp!

We moved and sat by the balcony railing which provided us with a very rare view of the city at night! We also had a clear sight of the World Trade Centre Towers which were lit up and looked stunning (cameras couldn’t capture unfortunately).

Our waiter, Otega, was exceptional. He is one of the most polite waiters I’ve come across in the city. Food was presented in a timely fashion and plated nicely.

Now that I’m home and by myself I can write about all this and most importantly what I thought about the food! So moving on to food now!

Starter Platter

(Chicken Strips, Fish Fingers, Shrimps x Plantain Croquettes)

The shrimps were my fave off this platter. Plantain croquettes were nice too, although we thought it to be a bit heavy. Pairing the chicken strips with the mayo sauce made it good!


Chipotle Wings

Absolutely loved this! Great marinate and it was slightly spicy.


Seafood Risotto

First time having risotto in Nigeria. I loved the flavour it had, really rich, but I felt the rice was a bit undercooked! Maybe just 2 more minutes of heat and it’d have been perfect for me.


Short Beef Ribs w Mash and Salad

This was the star plate! I mean look at it! Otega recommended it to us and were happy it wasn’t a disappointment. He mentioned that the beef is usually marinated for 7hours + prior to its preparation.

It came off the bone so easily and the taste of it was just great! Adding the sauce and pairing it with the mash took us to another dimension completely! I’d recommend this also.


The night here was one of them ones that you’d remember forever! Sitting on a rooftop, overlooking an amazing view, then having dinner with great company, what more could you ask for? Abuja has been a complete vibe and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end it!






2 responses to “Jakes Club | Abuja”

  1. M avatar

    Love the review….. but you didn’t add prices so we know what the prices are like before going there 😁


  2. Gloryfilled avatar

    Amazing, would visit some day.


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